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Window and glass services in Vermont

Continental Screen & Glass – CSG stands as the premier provider of window and glass services in Vermont, dedicated to enhancing your home’s aesthetics and functionality. Our expertise lies in delivering superior services tailored to your needs. Our custom window screens and doors, available in both swinging and sliding options, are designed to complement your home’s style while offering practical benefits. They allow fresh air in and keep bugs out, ensuring a comfortable, pest-free environment.

Our innovative screen porch panels bridge the gap between indoor comfort and outdoor enjoyment, protecting you from pests and the elements. If you’re facing issues with damaged screens, our skilled technicians are on hand to repair and restore them efficiently, transforming your porch into a serene outdoor retreat. We also specialize in custom window screens that fit your windows perfectly, enhancing views and ventilation without compromising style. Our glass replacement services range from minor repairs to complete overhauls, improving your windows’ clarity and appearance. Opt for our tempered glass for added safety and durability, elevating your home’s sophistication and security.

Our solutions extend to upgrading windows for better security, energy efficiency, and overall ambiance. You can rely on our expertise for quick repairs and impeccable installations, as we aim for precision and satisfaction in every project. As Vermont’s leading window and glass specialists, we address common concerns such as damage and pest intrusion with our top-quality products and craftsmanship. Choose Continental Screen & Glass – CSG for a seamless blend of quality, functionality, and style in your home.

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