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Window Replacement in Brattleboro
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Window Replacement in Brattleboro

Continental Screen & Glass – CSG is your trusted partner for window replacement in Brattleboro, providing one-stop solutions to everyone. With a solid devotion to excellence, we address unique challenges through diverse services, from screen porch panels to custom window screens. Brattleboro’s challenging climate can be harsh on your existing windows, creating a demand for more resilient windows that withstand harsh winters and sweltering summers. We understand the importance of keeping your home or office comfortable, so we tailor our window replacement services to meet this need. 

Our skilled team provides energy-saving solutions to keep your space comfortable all year and reduce your environmental impact. We are here to provide your house with the finest window replacements since it deserves nothing less. By choosing us, you can enhance your space with improved light, style, and efficiency as we strive for excellence together.

Our Mission

To set a benchmark for window replacement services in Brattleboro, providing homeowners with complete security through expert craftsmanship.

Our Vision

As the best company for affordable window replacement in Brattleboro VT, we envision a future where every home enjoys the lasting benefits of new windows.

Employing Latest Window Replacement Techniques for Efficiency and Compliance

We use top and proven techniques crucial for ensuring the efficient and compliant replacement of windows:

  • Full Frame Replacement: This method involves removing the entire window, including the frame and trim.
  • Insert or Pocket Replacement: In this method, the new window is installed within the existing frame in an insert or pocket replacement.
  • Sash Replacement Kits: Sash replacement kits are used to replace old window sashes (the part of the window that moves or holds the glass) with new ones.

We comply with local building codes and regulations, which is essential to ensure the window replacement meets safety and structural requirements.

Smooth Window Replacements Through a Simplified Procedure

We follow a straightforward and simplified process so that our clients enjoy a smooth experience:

  • We discuss your concerns in a thorough meeting to understand your goals and use the right approach to proceed.
  • Next, we take precise measurements of your current windows to guarantee a flawless fit for the replacements.
  • Our experienced technicians install your new windows professionally, ensuring secure and proper fitting while maintaining a clean work environment.

We leave your home as beautiful as when we arrived, removing all debris and clutter gathered during the replacement.

Improving Properties with Brattleboro Window Replacement

Continental Screen & Glass – CSG excels in window replacement in Brattleboro and is the preferred choice for homeowners. We tackle the unique concerns associated with window replacement, such as energy inefficiency, installation quality, and difficulty finding suitable window materials. Our team specializes in transforming your space with energy-efficient windows, enhancing aesthetics and functionality. Additionally, we guarantee a smooth transition without disturbing your everyday life. Experience the ultimate solution to your window woes, bringing comfort, efficiency, and beauty to your home by choosing us.

Our Services

We Proudly Offer

Customized Window Screens

Say goodbye to ill-fitting screens! Our customized window screens are designed to your window's exact dimensions, providing a perfect fit that keeps the pesky bugs out.

Screen Doors

Welcome guests without inviting pests. Our screen doors offer durability, style, and security, keeping insects at bay while allowing fresh air to flow into your home smoothly.

Sliding Screen Doors

Enjoy the convenience of our sliding screen doors, perfect for easy access to patios and decks. Keep bugs out and let the breeze in, enhancing your outdoor experience.

Swinging Screen Doors

Make your home entrance beautiful with our swing screen doors. Stylish, secure, and practical, they offer a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living.

Screen Porch Panels

Expand your living space with screen porch panels. You may enjoy the outdoors and unwind comfortably on your screened porch while protecting yourself from the weather.

Screen Repair

Are you tired of torn screens? Our screen repair service can restore the beauty and usefulness of your screens. Say goodbye to unsightly insects and enjoy a tidy, appealing environment.

Screen Porch Systems

Transform your porch into an all-season oasis with screen porch systems. Extend your outdoor enjoyment while keeping pests away and enhancing your home's curb appeal.

New Window Screens

Upgrade your windows with new window screens. Our window screens allow more natural light, ventilation, and bug protection to create a welcoming home environment.

Custom Window Screens

Do you seek perfection? We modify our custom window screens, ensuring a flawless fit. Keep bugs out, reduce energy costs, and enhance your home's appearance.

Glass Replacement

Don't let cracked glass dim your view. Our glass replacement service restores clarity, safety, and insulation, making your home more secure and energy-efficient.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass blends style with safety. Shatter-resistant glass may give style and protection to your windows, doors, and other surfaces while keeping your loved ones safe.

Window Replacement

Our window replacement in Brattleboro improves the exterior appeal of your house. Enjoy enhanced comfort and reduced utility bills while giving your home a fresh look.

Window Installation & Repair

Our comprehensive window installation & repair service covers all your window needs. We help you install new windows for energy efficiency and fix seals, cracks, or hardware issues.
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Frequently Asked Questions

It is feasible to replace a single window, but you must consider your long-term objectives. Replacing all windows at once may improve aesthetics and energy efficiency.

Absolutely! Our team of trustworthy and skilled experts guarantees the precise and careful installation of the new windows.

Proper ventilation and humidity control are critical. We also offer windows with advanced glazing options to reduce condensation.

Broken seals indicate a problem with the insulation. Contact us for a professional evaluation, as it may be time for window replacement to maintain efficiency and aesthetics.

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Stress-Free Installation

Don't endure weeks of construction chaos. Our streamlined installation process is quick and hassle-free, minimizing disruption so you can enjoy your new windows sooner.

Local and Trusted

Serving Brattleboro Vermont, for years, our local reputation is quite strong. You can rely on our commitment to provide top replacement services.

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